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The OSS offers various membership tiers catering to different professionals in the medical field in Oman. For students and nurses who are just starting their surgical journey, providing them a unique pathway as they embark on their careers. Similarly, interns, who act as a vital link between academic study and practical application in the surgical community, can obtain their membership. On the other hand, seasoned doctors, representing the zenith of surgical accomplishment in Oman, can join the OSS family and enjoy an array of privileges.


Students / Nurses

10 OMR / Year


10 OMR / Year


50 OMR / Year
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Membership FAQ:

  • Access to resources, specialized academic events, and networking opportunities tailored for early career stages.
  • You’ll have free or discounted access to most OSS events. Some specialized events might have separate registration.
  • Easily upgrade through the OSS portal. The difference in membership fee would apply.

It’s tailored for seasoned professionals, offering advanced resources, global representation, and exclusive networking events

Yes, as a part of the OSS doctor community, you play a pivotal role in shaping and representing the surgical profession nationally and internationally.

Beyond resources and events, you gain privileged access to leadership opportunities, advanced training sessions, and a platform to influence the future of surgery in Oman.

This membership offers added mentorship programs, collaborative research environments, and events targeting the transitional phase from studies to professional application.

Yes, the OSS Mentorship Program is accessible to intern members, providing valuable guidance as you progress.

Absolutely! OSS provides a platform for interns to engage actively in national research projects and collaborations.