The 9th Surgical Update & The 2nd Oman Trauma Conference Program Table

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3

Day 1

Time Session Speaker Moderator
0700-0800 Registration    
0800-0815 Welcoming remarks    
0815-0900 Keynote 1: Surgical Leadership: Nurturing Excellence in the Operating Room Dr. Sudhir Sundaresan, Canada  
0900-1015 Session 1: HPB Surgery   Dr. Ahmed Al Kindi
Prof. Fabrizio Panaro
Dr. Khaled Dajani
0900-0915 The place of segment IV resection in case of extended right hepatectomy for hilar cholangiocarcinoma Dr. Mohammed Al Qahtani  
0915-0930 R1 vascular resection for hepatocellular carcinoma Dr. Yahya Al Azri  
0930-0945 How to deal with non-functional grade I pancreatic NET of 1-2 cm Prof. Fabrizio Panaro  
0945-1000 Anastomosis vs total pancreatectomy in case of high risk pancreas Dr. Tsafrir Vanounou  
1000-1015 Q&A    
1015-1030 Coffee Break    
1030-1100 Keynote 2: Exploring the future of surgical trials and research Dr. Khaled Dajani, Canada  
1100-1215 Session 2: Breast & Endocrine Surgery   Dr. Ibrahim Al Waili
Dr. Salma Al Shamsi
Dr. Adil Al Ajmi
1100-1115 The role of sentinel lymph node biopsy in proven lymph node positive patients Dr. Maryam Al Farsi  
1115-1130 The role of neoadjuvant immunotherapy in high risk early-stage triple negative breast cancer Dr. Suhaila Al Farsi  
1130-1145 Surgical management of pregnancy associated breast cancer Dr. Salim Al Rahbi  
1145-1200 Thyroid cancer, how far should we go Dr. Amr Redha  
1200-1215 Q&A    
1215-1315 Exhibition & Lunch    
1315-1400 Keynote 3: Revolutionizing medical education in surgery Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin, Canada  
1400-1515 Session 3: Surgical Oncology   Dr. Boris Itkin
Dr. Chaib Rassou
Dr. Mohamed Al Hosni
1400-1415 Advances in intra-peritoneal treatment of peritoneal surface metastasis Dr. Mohammed Al Yami  
1415-1430 The Role of radiation in trunk and limbs sarcoma Dr. Thuraya Al Hajri  
1430-1445 Updates in the management of malignant melanoma Dr. Maha Al Shaibi  
1445-1500 Retroperitoneal sarcoma; recommendations in the diagnosis and treatment Dr. Mohamed Al Hosni  
1500-1515 Q&A    
1515-1615 Abstract sessions 1   Dr. Safiya Al Masroori
Dr. Mohamed Al Abri
Dr. Maha Al Shaibi
1615-1645 Exhibition    
1645 Closing remarks    

Day 2

Time Session Speaker Moderator
0700-0800 Registration    
0800-0815 Welcoming remarks    
0815-0900 Keynote 4: Innovation in Healthcare Dr. Ang Sen Bin, Singapore  
0900-1015 Session 4: Innovation & AI   Dr. Ang Sen Bin
Dr. Tsafrir Vanounou 
0900-0915 Innovations in Thoracic Surgery Dr. Suha Kaaki  
0915-0930 Imaging navigation-guided surgery Prof. Fabrizio Panaro  
0930-0945 Radiomics and AI: promises and challenges for medical research Mrs. Fatma Al Shuhoumi  
0945-1000 Cybersecurity in Healthcare and AI Dr. Ang Sen Bin  
1000-1015  Q&A    
1015-1030 Coffee Break    
1030-1100 Keynote 5: The second victim: coping and recovery after adverse events Dr Hagenaars, Netherlands  
1100-1215 Session 5: Thoracic & UGI surgery   Dr. Aziza Al Rawahi
Dr. Suha Kaaki
Dr. Yaqoob Al Sawafi
1100-1115 Enhanced Recovery After Thoracic Surgery (ERATS) Dr. Yaqoob Al Sawafi  
1115-1130 Salvage esophagectomy after definitive chemoradiation for esophageal cancer Dr. Yaseen Al Lawati  
1130-1145 Immunotherapy in the management of esophageal cancer Dr Sudhir Sundaresan  
1145-1200 Updates in gastric cancer Dr. Abdullah Al Rawahi  
1200-1215 Q&A    
1215-1315 Exhibition & Lunch    
1315-1400 Keynote 6: Health and peace: the necessary intersection Dr. Abdullah Al Harthi  
1400-1515 Session 6: Colorectal Surgery   Dr. Aamed Al Araimi
Dr. Ibrahim Al Alawi
Dr. Rashid Al Alawi
1400-1415 Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) and transanal total mesorectal excisin (taTME) for rectal neoplasm Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin  
1415-1430 Advances in colon surgery (Laparoscopic complete mesocolic excision (ME) and intracorporeal anastomosis Dr. Humaid Al Adawi  
1430-1445 Lateral lymph node dissection in rectal cancer Dr. Manar Nasr  
1445-1500 Total neoadjuvant chemotherapy and watch-and-wait approach for rectal cancer Dr. Agustin Garcia  
1500-1515 Q&A    
1515-1615 Abstract session 2   Dr. Safiya Al Masroori
Dr Mohamed Al Abri
Dr Maha Al Shaibi
1615-1645 Exhibition    
1645 Closing remarks    
1900 GALA Dinner    

Day 3

Time Session Speaker Moderator
0700-0800 Registration    
0800-0815 Welcoming remarks Dr. Hani Al Qadhi  
0815-1015 Session 1: Trauma Systems   Dr. Hani Al Qadhi
Dr. Abdullah Al Harthi
Dr. Hassan Al Mashbari
0815-0835 BC trauma system Dr. Naisan Garraway  
0835-0855 Saudi Arabia trauma system Dr. Thamer Nooh  
0855-0915 Netherland trauma system Dr. Hagenaars  
0915-0935 Oman trauma system Dr. Ruqaiya Al Shehhi  
0935-1000 Trauma registry Dr. Tarek Razek  
1000-1015 Panel discussion    
1015-1030 Coffee Break    
1030-1200 Session 2: Updates in Trauma Management    Dr. Thamer Nooh
Dr. Tarek Raziq
Dr. Ruqaiya Al Shehhi
1030-1045 CAB: The new ABC Dr Hassan Mashbari  
1045-1100 Updates in trauma critical care Dr. Rihab Al Lawati  
1100-1115 Updates in penetrating neck trauma Dr Ahmed Al Buraikan  
1115-1130 Difficult abdominal closure Dr Abdullah Al Harthi  
1130-1145 Update in Laparoscopy in trauma Dr. Hani Al Qadhi  
1145-1200 Q&A    
1215-1315 Exhibition & Lunch Sponser presentation  
1330-1400 Session 3: Debate   Dr. Hagenaars
Dr. Rihab Al Lawati
1330-1400 Debate: Cardiac arrest in trauma; to CPR or not to Dr. Naisan Garraway vs Dr. Suad Al Zaid  
1405-1455 Resident research   Dr. Hagenaars
Dr. Rihab Al Lawati
1405-1415 BCVI (Blunt cerebrovascular injury) Dr. Ali Al Sharqi  
1415-1425 ERAS in trauma Dr. Maather Al Abri  
1425-1435 The injured imposter! Dr. Ola Al Hamadani  
1435-1445 Uniportal approach for management of stab wounds with hemothorax Dr. Hessah Al Juwaihel  
1445-1455 RapidFix: Kuwait rib fixation team Dr. Eissa Al Gunaim  
1500-1545 Session 4: Debates   Dr. Naisan Garraway
Dr. Ahmed Al Buraikan
1500-1530 Thorax or abdomen first in thoracoabdominal injury Dr. Hagenaars vs Dr. Tarik Raziq  
1530-1545 Questions    
1545 Closing remarks